Saturday, July 9, 2011

Restored Comics...

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Has anyone done it?

I have a real nice Avengers 4, but, (there's always a but) it looks like the "Dreaded Tape Monster" lifted off a couple of color sections off of the cover. 

Its not torn and doesn't have hole... but the paper is THINNER in those spots... It bugs the snot out of me. Some flaws I can live with, but my eye is drawn there EVERY single time.

I'd like a nicer copy but don't have the cash. It strikes me that I can get a lesser copy, have some restoration done so that it looks great and come out cheaper than if I had bought a restored copy or clean original. The intent is not for personal gain, but the pleasure of having a really fricken nice looking book.

I don't see any problem with restoring a car or a house... why NOT a comic?


  1. Sure! They even restore the Mona Lisa, so why not other great works of art?

  2. I found about a company out of Texas - Classics Incorporated and inquired about their services

    I got a reply from the company President Matt Nelson -

    Hey Will, thanks for the scans. It would not be a problem restoring the missing color on the Cap. A ballpark cost would be $175-200. The only thing is I'm not sure the value of a restored Avengers #4 is substantial enough to absorb that cost. Apparent 6.0's sell for around $300. But the value goes up substantially after that, with 8.0's bringing around $600-$700.

    So the question is how high can we restore it to? You're welcome to mail it in for an evaluation if you want.


    Has anyone used their Service and can vouch for them? I've never done this sort of thing. I'm a bit nervous about this kind of thing.