Thursday, July 14, 2011

Books I'll ALWAYS buy out of the dollar bin.

I don't know if you think like I do. And I hope for your sake you don't or at the very least you do so in moderation. 

Every bargain bin or dollar box I pass, if there is a decent copy of New Teen Titians #39 or Tales of the Titians #44. I am compelled, compelled I tell you to pick it up. 

If its in decent shape I have to buy it. I cannot resist the last Dick Grayson/Robin and Wally West/Kid Flash. 

In ish #39. A seminal character to the DCU walks away from his Golden Age identity. No more "Batman AND Robin". Grayson says "Ef it, I wanna go in a different direction." Robin had outgrown Batman. A pivotal moment in time.

In ish #44 he re-emerges to claim a new identity. He becomes "Nightwing". Hes not too far off maintaining being Nightwing for 30 yrs. Hard to believe its been that long. 

Seems like a MAJOR change that has flown under he radar. I must have 7 or 8 copies of each book.

While not a dollar book per se'  i'm always on the look out for this item as well.
An under-valued Copper Key.

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