Monday, July 18, 2011

On-line comics?...

Well... I'm not sure what to think of this new development....

Its great for reading and buying direct from the Publisher or even individual artist.... This could very well change the publishing dynamic and eliminate all of hands in the distribution pie. (Paging Steve Geppi) As far as manufacturing the end product, the overhead for paper and inks fall thru the floor by removing the physical element of printing the product.

I can see why the publishers would HAVE to consider this route... If they can sell this they would rake it in..

But what does the collector get out of this? A full hard drive?
I cant put it in a bag... I cant smell it - cant trade it...
There's no "Thrill of the Hunt"  - WFT do I do with it?

Other than the reading element (which should be your Top choice, in a purchase decision, really)- None of the OTHER kicks I associate to comic collecting as fun and enjoyable in the tangible world are present. 

Am I missing something? Please,  clue me in!

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