Permanent Stacks

Here are some prized books from my personal collection.

This was recently purchased at the 2013 HeroesCon in Charlotte. Read more about how it was acquired.

1st appearance of Thor

This is a nice little "under the radar" gem that I practically stole. It went for for cheaper than it should have on ebay. Everyone was asleep at the wheel when I snuck this one out the door.

1st Adam Strange

This was a splendid Flea Market find in Raleigh. I bought his from a random individual who just happened to have some comics. This was the most notable item of the lot. Crappy shape but a wonderful score for just a buck!

1st Captain Atom

 Another fine Flea Market find. Its in very rough shape, but its complete AND it beats the one I didn't have. Rick really came thru on this one for me.

1st Daredevil

I found this one on Craigslist. A man had it given to him by his father-in-law. He was to take the proceeds and start a college fund for his kids. This was my 1st opportunity to buy a truly key Marvel book and I couldn't pass it up.

1st issue of Spider-man

Yet more gold from the local Flea Market. Its also another of Rick's books.
1 down, only 6 more to go!

An Early Hulk #4

One of my 1st ebay purchases. I had very poor luck when I 1st started out. I was outbid on everything. So I started gradually adjusting my sights. This was one of the books I had been wanting for a while.

1st Zatanna

This was my 1st comic show purchase. I was in the 9th grade and this book was in Overstreet for $50 bucks. I paid $60. It was the highest price I had paid for a single comic until well into being an adult. Its still the only book I wanted so bad I paid OVER guide. I was young what can I say..

1st New X-men in the series.

I have a fetish for the New Teen Titans. This early Brave and the Bold introduces the world to the Junior Justice League or the Sidekick Brigade.

1st Teen Titans

A semial work from Kirby and Lee. This was an ebay find.
1st Sliver Surfer

No collection is complete without one of these.
1st solo Silver Surfer series.

This is Green Lantern 76 is another key work from the early 70's. This book marks the beginning of the Bronze age. It was described as the 1st comic with a conscience. I had this one signed by the artist Neal Adams at the 2011 HeroesCon in Charlotte.

Green Lantern #76

A hard to find early Marvel  Silver Age Key. I won this on ebay. One of those auctions that fell between the cracks, I scooped this up for far less than it should have gone for.
1st Sgt. Fury

Another hard to find key issue. Another war comic. Another gem I cleaned up on ebay at a significant value.

1st Sgt. Rock

Much like the Hawkman 4 above, this was another key I had been searching for. This book was another ebay auction win. Altho is a cents copy, it came from the UK.
Strange Tales #110 - 1st Dr. Strange

Strange Tales is an under-appreciated series. It wasn't a popular seller. Copies are not outrageous priced at the moment. There aren't many Keys in the series. Theres this one. The 110 pictured above.. 114 with a Cap tryout, 135 when Fury becomes a spy. Not a bad series to enter.
1st solo Human Torch