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Imagine this scenario:
You are at a Convention or personal appearance by one of your favorite creators. They are signing stuff. BUT - You don't have the dough to acquire their signature/statement masterpiece work of art...

However, being the all-knowing fan boy that you are - you do know that he/she sent in a response (as a fan) to the letter column of Avengers #238 (random book) and had it published. That Avengers #238 is imminently more affordable than their signature/statement masterpiece work. What a cool (and potentially cheaper) item to have signed!

I need your help! If you happen to JUST know really obscure random stuff like this; I know your pain. It takes a lot of brain power away from more useful productive things. Please share what you know.

If you are a creator type and want to contribute because you are just cool that way... AWESOME.

Please leave a comment or two if you have the time.

Jessica Abel
Neal Adams
Scott Adams
Joe Allard
Doug Allen
Scott Allie
Mike Allred - Daredevil V3 #11 - (7-13-2013) This letter paved the way for him to draw #17
Sergio Aragones
Dick Ayers

Mark Badger
Jim Balent
Mike Baron
Brian Bendis
Dave Berg
Simon Bisley
Bret Blevins
Willie Blyberg - Thor #204
Brain Bolland
Ruben Bolling
John Bolton
Tim Bradstreet
Doug Braithwaite
Dan Brereton
Berkeley Breathed
Norm Breyfogle
Tom Brevoort - Captain Victory #2 (7-12-2013 - They spelled his name wrong!)
Chris Browne
Ed Brubaker - Fury of Firestorm #18 (2-13-2012 - was 15yo when he sent it in)
Frank Brunner
John Buscema
Kurt Busiek - Black Goliath #3 (from memory on 2-24-12, not 100% certain)
Adam Byrne
John Byrne

Greg Capullo
Nick Cardy
Matt Carey
Joe Chiodo
Frank Cho
Daniel Clowes
Dave Cockrum
Gene Colan
Amanda Conner
R. Crumb
Mike Culpepper

Peter David
Matt Davies
Tony DeZuniga
Andy Diggle
Chuck Dixon
Colleen Doran
Guy Dorian
Evan Dorkin - Rom #41
Dave DormanMort Drucker
Mary Jo Duffy - Iron Fist #12

Tommy Lee Edwards
Will Eisner
Warren Ellis
Steve Englehart
Garth Ennis
John Estes
Mark Evanier

Rich Faber
Glenn Fabry
Jay Faerber
Al Feldstein
Phil Foglio
Matt Fraction
Gary Frank
Frank Frazetta

Neil Gaiman
Bob Gale - Thor #208
Ed Gamble
Steve Gerber
Anne Gibbons
Dave Gibbons
Mike Grell
Matt Groening
Paul Gulacy

Gene Ha
Bo Hampton
John Hankiewicz
Ed Hannigan
Rachel Hartman
Fred Hembeck
Gilbert Hernandez
Jaime Hernandez
John Hopkins
Greg Horn
Adam Hughes


Tim Jackson
Geoff Johns
Bruce Jones

Michael Kaluta
Steve Kelley
Joe Kelly
Dale Keown
Jim Keplinger
Sam Kieth
Jack Kirby
Richard Krauss
Erik Kriek
Bernie Krigstein
Nora Krug
Jim Krueger - Rom #52
Joe Kubert
Peter Kuper
Alan Kupperberg - Thor #177

Erik Larsen - (7-13-2013) Incredible Hulk 225
Gary Larson
Bob Layton
Jim Lee
Steve Lieber
Rob Liefeld
Steve Lightle
Joseph Linsner
Mike Lynch

Douglas MacGregor
David Mack
Tom Mandrake
Mike Manley
Laurenn McCubbin
John McCrea
Scott McDaniel
Patrick McDonnell
Dwayne McDuffie
Brian McFadden
Steve McGarry
Jed McGowan
Don McGregor
Dave McKean
Bob McLeod
Stephanie McMillan
Carla Speed McNeil
Tom McWeeney - Incredible Hulk #240
Bill Messner-Loebs
Mike Mignola
Mark Millar
Peter Milligan
Doug Moench
Dean Moore
Leah Moore
Terry Moore
Tony Moore
Grant Morrison
Gray Morrow
Scott Morse
Jose Munoz
Will Murray

Phil Nelson
Christopher Nielsen
Steve Niles
Anders Nilsen
Phil Noto
Kevin Nowlan

Patrick O'Connor
Christina Olindo
Javier Olivares
J. Edward Oliver
Dan O'Neill
Kevin O'Neill
Jerry Ordway

Andy Park
George Perez
Brandon Peterson
Wendi Pini
Bud Plant - Thor #169
Eric Powell
Christopher Priest
Steve Pugh
Gordon Purcell - Rom #48

Frank Quitely

Eduardo Risso
Darick Robertson
Alex Robinson
V.C. Rogers
John Romita, Jr.
Alex Ross
Greg Rucka
Steve Rude
P. Craig Russell

Tim Sale
Steven T. Seagle
Bill Sienkiewciz
Joe Simon
Walter Simonson - Iron Man #10
Joe Sinnott
Beau Smith
Kevin Smith
Art Spiegelman
Jim Starlin
Jay Stephens
Dave Stevens

Ben Templesmith
Stephen Templeton
Mark Texeira
Roy Thomas - (DC) Green Lantern #1 (Marvel) Fantastic Four #5
Craig Thompson
Jill Thompson
Mike Thompson
Tom Tomorrow
Alex Toth
Herb Trimpe
Yoshiharu Tsuge
William Tucci
Michael Turner

Kazuo Umezu
Robert Unell
Colin Upton

Rick Veitch
Charles Vess
Mike Vosburg

Stephen Wacker -(7-13-2013) Transmetropolitan. He cant remember the issue..
Matt Wagner
Mort Walker
Lee Weeks
Erik Weems
Mike Wieringo
Bill Willingham
Barry Windsor-Smith
Judd Winick
Marv Wolfman
Bernie Wrightson


Phil Yeh
Tommy Yune

Jorge Zaffino
Bob Zahn
Ron Zalme
Mike Zeck

Note: I've been posting this question on Twitter to various creators. Some folks graciously responded with "no" or some comment or another and I appreciate their time. I thought I'd track their responses separately as well.

Becky Cloonan - no -
Mike Deodato Jr. -no -
Neil Gaiman - Responded "yes" but didnt send the book or issue.
Jonathan Hickman - no
Bryan Hitch - no - Never wrote one but always enjoys reading the fans letters.
Stuart Immonen -no - he wrote into Marvels "Fun and Games Magazine" but not published.
Greg Pak - no - "I remember laughing out loud a while back when I noticed a Kurt Busiek letter in an old Micronauts comic, though"
Jimmy Palmiotti - no -
Joe Quesada - no - Cant recall having sent one
Dan Slott - no - The one that appears in the pages of MARVEL COMICS THOR #1 is a fake letter/gag
Jim Steranko - no -

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