Friday, July 22, 2011

Confessions of a Comic Book Junkie Part II

Fast forward thru several years of general childhood contentment to when My folks get divorced. 

I became interested in comics again with a new fervor. Hero type stuff. I learned that My Dad had collected when he was a boy and one of our routines to spend time together took us by the local comic shop. I developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the 1st issues, 1st appearances, guest artists (you name it!) for the things that interested me.

At the time X-men was a HUGE deal. As was the New teen Titans. Both were like gateway drugs into other comics.

I wind up at a new school trying to blend in and find my way. A guy in homeroom had some books he was going to sell to another guy that I only knew a little bit. I had always been aware of him thru a common friend but never hung out with him much. So I made the guy in homeroom a better offer. The only book I remember in the lot was an X-men 102.

So this "other guy" finds me and chat me up. He wasn't happy I broke up his deal but it was friendly and we started talking. And kept talking. It turned out that he had a Hulk 181. I wanted it. I recognized it as a key immediately. To him it was just another book. (To be fair at THAT time the book was a 20 - 25 dollar book or thereabouts) We made a trade. I have no idea what it was I gave up but it made him happy THAT day. I felt like I made out like a bandit. My encyclopedic knowledge paid off.

About a week later he realized the significance of the book. And he found another copy in BETTER condition than the we traded for.

One thing you should know about this guy, I'll call him BA -short for "Belly Aching".  His mother is a lovely petite Southern Baptist woman. She was a book-keeper by tade. And apparently a damned fine one as she worked for a group of Jewish business folks. 

Let me say that again for the proper effect: The Southern Baptist woman worked for the Jews as a book keeper.. I don't mean to pander to stereotypes. I am only trying to emphasize the fact that this woman was GOOD at what she did, and its relevant here only because cuz in the case of this son, the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. 

BA was a shrewd negotiator and had to win the transaction.
In short, a really really good guy to pair with a guy who had an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship that lasts to this day. 
Comics not only is a hobby I enjoy, it gave me my best friend as well. Ain't I the lucky one?

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