Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comic paper stock

This seems like a no brainer to keeping costs in check. I don't understand the drive to have everything on high quality paper. I don't think you can even find newsprint anymore in comics if you tried..

I was at HerosCon and kinda had this same conversation with Neal Adam. I was getting nostalgic and told him that I missed the smell of news print... "We called that stuff toilet paper..." I went on to tell him that I grew up in Durham, then a cigarette making titan... the smell of tobacco curing in the Summer... It has a sticky, sweet, musky scent that clings to the humidity so you breathe it in and it becomes a part of you" Adams went on to say  "Ah no wonder, you cant smell anything any way.." Both smell take me back to my youth.

Not everything needs to be on cover stock quality. Its OK to cheap out once in a while.

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