Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Nice Saturday.

So this am, I did a little work on the deck. Then I dropped the top and took off for a ride to go go scrounging for comics. 

My favorite pastime. I went to the Raleigh Flea Market. I generally have decent luck there tho its hit or miss.

Lots of people and lots of vendors! One guy I saw named "Rick" was there. I've dealt with him before on a few things. He treats his regulars pretty well. Generally his mdse is Mid to low grade - usually fairly priced to turn it over quickly. I got a JIM  #108 and Witching Hour #1 from him. Along with a beater copy of  Tales of Suspense 72 for 2 bucks. He can work a deal on most things if you buy in volume. I once got a TOD # 10 in F+  from him for 5 bucks.

Then I stopped by to see my man Howard. 
Howard is a kind soul. A gentle bear of a man. He is gracious to me and my boys when they are with me and occasionally gives them some type of freebie. I don't like to take advantage of his generous nature, (and I want my boys to learn not to expect handouts at ever turn.) He is good with his prices and treats people (his regulars) fairly. 

He has some of the most obscure stuff. Check his site. Generally I haggle, wheel and deal and stretch a penny into copper wire before I pull the trigger on a deal, but not with Howard. I give him what he says he wants when I Do buy from him. I say he's a 4 star recommended dealer.

Like take these 3 Wonder Women. Tho they are marked 8 per; I got them for 20. At a Show in this grade, I couldn't buy 1 of these books for less than 20, much less 3. What is there to haggle over?... either you want these books or you don't. I had these already, but they were significantly upgraded copies over what I had at a good price, so I snatched them.

If there is a negative to dealing with Howard would have to be his organization or lack thereof. If you were to ask him: "Do you have x, y and z?" point blank; he would have difficulty saying Yes or No... It'll be something like "check back"... Small price to pay.. Also, A fair chunk (maybe 20-25%) of his mdse does have some type of water damage. 

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