Recent Aqusitions

Recent additions to the collection.

I was combing thru Craigslist as I usually do expecting the usual fare, when a new ad jumped out at me. It was recently posted that day. I responded and was able to connect with a real nice dude named Dale on 7-30-13. He was a fellow collector that was parting out his collection. He had re adjusted some of his priorities and was of a frame of mind to move some things. I bought a fist-full of other things from him not pictured. For whats pictured, I think I did OK for $110 bucks.

He also had a Hulk 181 and X-men 94 (along with some other nice cherries) that I passed on. I could have been greedy and bought them to flip them for a profit - But I chose to take what I needed for my collection and then forward his contact info to a few local collectors that are friends of mine and let them have a go. Share the wealth my brothers.

1st Kingpin

1st Punisher

1st Polaris

I picked up this little gem at the flea market last Saturday (6-22-2013) for $5 BUCKS! A guy was selling off all of his household to move to Costa Rica. Apparently healthcare there is $25 dollars a month.

Morbius get his own title

(6-22-2013)  Sure it has some shipping issues along the edge and bottom. But for .50 cents can you complain about a low number Tomb of Dracula? I couldn't.

(6-22-2013) I dont really look for this title. But again, when a low issue number of any silver age title comes you way pay em and say thanks - ESPECIALLY when its .50 cents.

(6-22-2013) I do love the Teen Titans. How can you say no to Wonder girls groovy new threads? This issue came out in 1969 and is really suberb.

New costume for Wonder Girl

(6-22-2013) More Thor - One day I might actually finish my run of Thor from 83-200. One more down.

(6-22-2013) The cover on this book is why I bought it! I remember when it came out new and its just as cool 30yrs later.

(6-22-2013) This book was hard to find. Sure it may look like just another old Indy book... but dig a little deep and you'll realize that Starslayer #2 is the 1st appearance of Dave Stevens "Rocketeer". If you can locate this issue for a Buck, I'd suggest you buy it.

How can you go wrong with a classic battle?

Acquired @ The Raleigh Flea Market 2-4-2012
My main man Rick came thru for me on this one!

Acquired @ the NC Comicon on 11-5-2011
This Dr Strange 183 completes the fun for me.

This Chamber of Darkness #4 is a Smith and Thomas Conan knock-off before Marvel landed the publishing rights to do Conan for real.

And then lastly Sgt Fury #13 which needs no preface.

It has been a while since I picked up anything meaningful to add to the collection. This past weekend 10-8-2011 I managed to pick up a G copy of Iron Man #4 for 2 dollars.

This was picked up at a hobby show in Raleigh at the Fairgrounds.