Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interesting reading

A friend and colleague from work gave me this book to me to read titled: The Double Eagle. Its about the history of an ultra rare 1933 gold piece. 

Now I'm not a coin guy - even tho I like money as much as the next guy (or gal). This book is about the history of the coins. How the coins came into being. The political and economic factors that started the design process, the Presidents role in them, the US Mints role in the design and manufacture, the artists role, and the politicking and bickering and infighting of all parties along the way. Add in the intrigue of a few corrupt low level Mint personnel, a Middle-Eastern Prince and you have a real mystery to sort out. It becomes less about the coins and more about how things played out.

Jim Shooters blog is much the same; its lends its insights directly from the guiding force responsible for making Marvel Comics a juggernaut in Comics Publishing. Its a peek behind the curtain at Marvel. It looks at a broad range of topics: the publishing industry, how comics are made, how creative types interact and disagree. At times it offers "How to" information for the budding writer and artist - to take direction and criticism for the goal of telling a story.

Not selling a comic, but telling a story...

As an added bonus, I enjoy the comments from informed readers. Jim is generous guy with his time - he interacts and responds to comments and questions daily.. sometimes hourly - even.

And that's what this blog does. In a non-linear format it tells a story.

If you like comics only a little, and appreciate a good read, you should give this a look.

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