Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comics and literacy

Comic books taught me how to read. They inspired an interest with a compelling story and character. My dad used to read comics to me. I had a spinner rack close by at an early age to look at what ever I wanted.

Teachers used to commandeer comics for being a distractions in class. So why not have some cooperation with providers of education materials to have Reed Richards teach math? Spider-man for some science. Ant-man for some entomology? You get the idea. Why not use these great characters to set the stage for learning past reading? I use the Marvel one because that's what I'm most familiar with. If DC or Dark Horse figure it out there is a tremendous opportunity for whom ever gets there and makes it work first.

I guess the 1st challenge is to get comic publishers to see the benefits of reaching an audience while they are young. This is a great opportunity to bring in new readers... not just the boys but GIRLS too

Check this write up about a movie that explores the topic. I cant wait to see it on Netflix when its available.

I hope publishers can rise to the challenge to take advantage of the opportunity to find new enthusiasts and give a shot in the arm to beleaguered school systems. Another opportunity to take bold action.

If this is going on and you know more than I do please share!

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