Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts on Comic Book Men

I was never really "chomping at the bit" to see this show. I've seen "Pawn Stars" and "Storage Wars" and have been WAITING for those shows to show a nice cache of cool vintage comics. Hoping for those to appear.

Full disclosure:
I won a e-bay auction a few months back. Turns out the "Jay and Bob's Stash" was the seller. I won a nice lot of mid-grade Captain Americas issue range between 130 and 150. They gave me great service at a great price. Was very happy with the transaction. I'd deal with them again no sweat!

So why cant I get amped for a show about comics? I'm not sure.
After 2 episodes the show is still finding its legs but the characters fall a bit flat for me so far.

 Walt - is a hustler - he buys and sells, knows the material. Maybe its his accent but I expect him to pull out a pint at anytime. This guy would be the same if he were working a dock or running a fruit stand.

Mike - not sure what he adds just yet.. He seems intent to learn and is content to be along for the ride. I dont have a feel what hes about yet.

Ming - Seems to be the butt of a lot of jokes. He must be the newest fish in the fish tank while every body finds a pecking order.

Bryan - Is that gruff SOB that most comic shops seem to have. He feeds off the weak to fuel his self esteem. His main meal seems to be Chicken a al Ming.

Kevin - He shows up and MC's the table to facilitate discussions.. He missed the Bat-Mobile and the nutty folks that come in. There is a goofy scene with Hockey that was was odd. I'm not a hockey "guy" but other than that I could be Kevin Smith. Well a version of him without fame, wealth and talent. I've worn a beard for years (till recently), I'm funny, I still hang out with some of my old friends from HS and comics rule.. Tell me we aren't virtual twins with a straight face....

I've got the T-shirt..
I guess that's the crux of the biscuit for me. I could be on that show and not miss a beat. I have too much in common with those guys. A shared experience of comics, we've lived thru the same cultural events, of a similar age. I have a "there's a nothing new under the sun" outlook for this show after 2 mere episodes. They aren't taking me anywhere new. They aren't taking me on a journey of discovery. At least not yet....

If I were whispering into someones ear on how to add some juciy bits to the show:

1) Bring a comic creator to the round table, Stan the Man, Neal Adams or Shooter.

2) Feature an under-rated comic with some price increase potential Like this one! A pick of the week. Engage folks to find go into their local comic shop and buy something.

3) Try to engage younger readers and bring them in the store. Show other retailers how you do it. 

4) Talk about digital publishing and why it useless or advantageous.

5) Do something with free comic book day to bring in new readers. 

6) Encourage comics being given away for Halloween instead of candy.

7) Talk about CGC and what they have done for comics.

8) Discuss restored comics.

9) Give storage tips and discuss grading.

10) Talk about things publishers do that bug you or that you love.

Ultimately, I think this show is preaching to the converted at the moment. They have a GREAT slot after the Walking Dead and a platform to bring in new readers should they chose to use it that way.

Bottom line - I'd just like a little more from it.

Its a good show. Its on my DVR list. But I'm not convinced its of "Must-watch" status yet. Its early tho and I am hopeful.

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