Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things I'm not proud of..

Have you ever done the right thing for the wrong reason? I suppose the end justifies the means, to a certain extent. But when I look at my collection and notice the holes, the books that are missing from it.. I cant help but wish I had done something a bit differently.

I must have been maybe 15 years old or.. close to THIRTY freaking years ago. I went to the local flea market with my best friend. We rode with his mom since we both were too young to have a license. This one vendor had a copy of Hulk 1 and DC showcase 22. 

I talked, weaseled, pleaded and practically begged him to sell me these books at a price I could afford. This is back when the Hulk 1 was going for about $600 according to Overstreet. Not sure what the 1st Silver Age Green Lantern was going for then (but I knew what it was and that I wanted it) but it was prolly in the same ballpark. He wanted $150 apiece. (I'd give him that all day long NOW..)

Well after my failed negotiation talks; he asks me to watch his booth so he can go to the restroom and get a cup of coffee. I said sure. I had ample opportunity to snatch and dash with those books. I wanted them oh so badly. I was more afraid of being caught, and having to face my friends mom and then ultimately MY folks. Fear kept me at bay. I suppose a little fear is a healthy thing. But man, I really wanted those books!

And while we are on the subject of theft and temptation as a youth..
I remember when a comic shop opened in my hometown. About the same time frame as the story above. They sold comics new and old along with Harlequin romances, assorted text books, coffee table books and vinyl records. Maybe not a true comic shop but close enough for me in those days. They were just opening up, hadn't been in business very long. Mere DAYS. I remember this dude had the owner by the curb trying to sell him a trunk-load of stuff.

I meandered into the store to look around Boxes of stuff. Still moving in and getting set up. Nothing was in order or had a permanent place to live. I noticed a short box. It had the first 30 or so Conan's. I knew it was out of my price range so I passed it over and continued milling around to get the lay of the land. Well this other dude had wandered in doing the same thing I was just looking around. I didn't see anything that struck my fancy that day and split.

So next time I see the owner hes pretty gruff. He moves his location finds some new business partners and he has things going great guns. Bully for them. I always got lousy service from them even tho I became a regular customer.

All I can figure is that other dude stole something and the owner thought I did it.

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