Friday, February 10, 2012

Get off my lawn

Did I wake up in a time warp?
I feel like Rip Van Winkle who has just woke up and just noticed that comics are priced thru the roof!!
I cant find any DEALS to be had to save my butt!

What I'm about to say will be very unpopular. If you have books to sell, or mind-numbing sums of money you don't want to admit tied up in your comics this is NOT going to make your day.

Someone needs to become Francisco d'Anconia and flatten out the comic values. I mean really... We are talking about paper. Not Gold not Silver;  50 to 60 year old pieces of paper. The destroyer needs to wreak havok on a market out of balance.

Gold is currently priced at $1721.51 per Oz. Silver is priced at $33.54 per Oz. There are more folks that have an interest in precious metals and real commodities than old news print.

Whats the avg weight of a comic? 
I weighed a few for a highly unscientific baseline just to satisfy my own morbid sense of curiosity

   Journey into Mystery #95               1.7 ozs
   Daredevil #156                             1.5 ozs
   Nick Fury Agent of Shield #10         1.7ozs
   Dazzler #1                                   1.5 ozs
       So we can average 1.6 ounces..

An ounce and a half of Gold is = 2582.27
An ounce and a half of Silver = 50.31

I have only a handful of comics that have a value approaching 1k or more
I have boatloads that are the equivalent of silver or significantly better

Housing, energy, manufacturing bubbles have burst. 
How do we deflate the comics market so I can buy some more? 
They cost too damn much!

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