Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The State of Collecting..

My Uncle, (my wife's' uncle to be more correct) is big into Breweriana. (Beer related collectables) He has openers, posters, advertising pieces, pre-prohibition, post prohibition, steins, mugs, match strikers.

Some phenomenal interesting 1 of a kind type stuff..

So I asked him who gets into this kind of stuff? What does the average collector look like and who are they. Most typically they are men in their 30's - 40's who have never married with extra cash to spend.

Not many kids or women - price points of desirable items were becoming a barrier to entry. This felt really familiar to me. I think it will resonate with most of you that read this..

Are there any collecting hobbies where this isn't the case.. but rather is growing, appealing to a diverse audience that has material relatively inexpensive? 

I'd be curious to know if such a thing exists.

I sometimes worry that comics will become obsolete and about as meaningful as a phonograph cylinder.

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