Friday, August 26, 2011

Chee cah go

I recently went to the Chicago Comic Con.

I didn't post about this before now, because I don't need my door kicked in while I'm away. I'm just paranoid that way. I haven't posted about it since because I needed some time to put things in perspective.

I've never been to one of the MAJOR Cons before. Now, I can say I've been.

I didn't quite know what to expect. Saw TONS of folks. THIS line was just folks waiting to get in the main door.

Some in costume most not... Met 2 nice Asian women who came up from St Louis. Also found some loud obnoxious motor mouth in line behind me. At 1st he was funny. Then it became apparent he was a blowhard borderline bully and that unfortunately set my mentality in a negative way going in.

I hate people. Don't get me wrong I'm a friendly person. But I like to walk w/o tripping over folks and I don't like to wait. The lines were absolute mayhem and creeped me out a couple of times. Too many too close. A fire or earthquake would have defined the world tragic. 

Lots to see...
If you wanted it, thought you might like it, were curious about it, or hated it, it was there. Something for everyone.

I didn't notice too many things that I'm actively hunting that were a "deal". 
This pic was taken from behind a glass case. The guy behind the case was in a suit. I wasn't the guy he needed to talk to about these books. He's looking for an "investor" not a collector.

I'm looking to buy this kind of stuff from the guy that stole it and needs gas money to get home.

Stuff I did buy.
I found one very nice fellow and bought a hand-full of things from him. 2 issues of Witching Hour (numbers 8 and 10) and 7 Tomb of Dracula issues that were random non-keys.  

Shameless plug for a future discount.
I found these guys at Chicago again: Tomorrows Treasures, I'd recommend them to anyone to do business with. They have a bit of a different approach. They have an incredible selection of prime desirable books. Their money books are fairly priced for what they are... I just wish I was the guy that could by them. My wallet is too small. As it is they have stacks and boxes of mid-grade random non-key bronze and silver books that go from 5-10 dollars. Great way to fill in holes. Unfortunately they didn't have anything I couldn't live w/o or was actively seeking THIS trip. Luck of the draw I guess.

If/when I am in a position to buy a money book, I'm going to make them my 1st call to see if they have it, can get it, and what they gotta get out of it.

This is my 3rd time running into TT at a convention. I bought a lot (at least for MY cheapskate ass) from them earlier this year in Charlotte. 

Chicago Con Summary.
I was glad I went. Would I go again?, prolly not. This was more of an event; a spectacle of celebrity. I too old to be impressed by that. I don't need it. I just want good books cheap. For that, I liked the Charlotte show better. Things were regionally priced. Meaning simply that the prices reflected what the Chicago market would bear. Its a bit higher than I would prefer overall. I need the Con across the street from a trailer park. I'm glad I did, now I have something to compare to, it was good for that.

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