Monday, August 22, 2011

Response to Crimson Monkey Blog: Are Comics Only For Rich People Now?

For those that missed the initial Crimson Monkey Blog post, here it is...

It asks an interesting Question. Are comics for Rich people now? During the late 30's and early 40's was when the Superhero wave 1st gained traction with Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Captain America, Captain Marvel ect. Those books were 10 cents. What could a dime buy you during the depression Coffee and a donut? A plate full of chicken wings? A gallon of gas. I have no real idea of a dimes value relative to the time.

My counter point is maybe that has always been the case. Comics are for rich people... How many pictures of shanty's do you see with a robust golden age comic book collection inside?

However the larger point the author makes is well taken. 
Why the glut of 'NEW" material?

Maybe it has more to do with shopping scripts as the next "BIG" movie project and keeping trademarks current as viable marketable properties as much as anything else. I'm lost just like the author. However, it is a curious observation.

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