Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who kidnapped Stan Lee?

Comic prices are rising, rising and no ceiling in sight. <sigh...> News like this is awfully depressing for a collector on a budget. I'm still cheap. I don't have a choice. I cant imagine there are but a scant few handful of folks with enough liquid capitol to spend several thousands of dollars on a comic. That's gotta be a tough sell for a retailer sitting on a book with their money tied up, waiting, waiting, waiting for a willing buyer to come thru the door. I

'd love to be able to buy more key books, but my addictions get in the way. Namely eating, breathing and staying dry. I just cant afford today's prices. I have to bottom feed.

I keep waiting for the market to correct itself. I cant help but think as the aging baby boomers exit the hobby there will soon be more collections available to hit the market and create a glut. With a little luck, I'll find one before it goes to a public sale. I'm in the conservation and having OF it, NOT the selling and profiting FROM it.

If only there was some secret, undiscovered stash of comics hiding somewhere in the great "out there"....
Lets see.... who has been in the business long enough to know where that fabled, mythical stash might be?

"Stan the man" has been writing comics since Captain America Comics #3! Surely he would know if anyone does. Maybe he doesn't know that he knows? The venerable icon has probably forgotten more about the business of comics, production and distribution than any group of current professionals ever knew.

I would bet that with the right prompting and coaxing we could get Stan lead us to it. Prolly have to ply him with some wine and women. That usually works on most folks.

But ITS STAN. How do we get close to him? I guess we'll have to buy the VIP Stan package and whisk him away from a public appearance and take him on a road trip to lead us to Marvels undisclosed warehouses of pulp goodness. Returns, overprints, art storage, misprints, lost pallates of comics - the whole enchilada. Its "El DeGeek-O" the mythical city of pulp paper.

Finding this Treasure Trove is a variable that would surely crash the comics market pricing structure. Flooding the market with material is what it will take to correct prices.

You have to admit it would make a great movie. It would be part "Tuesdays with Morrie" combined with "National Treasure" and a little "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" thrown in for good measure with an overture to "On the Road".... I just pitched a film... excuse me I have to take this call from Kevin Smith hes on the line.

This is not meant to be construed as a threat or intent to do harm in any way. 
Its very much intended as satire.

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