Friday, July 5, 2013

What the freak, man?

Why is this book such a big deal?

I totally don't get it....

Availability - 
Lets start with the basics. Its an x-book from the 90's  - That means that this is a HIGH Print run book. There are enough of these things to fill a fleet of shipping containers. BA-jillions of them sitting on shelves at the height of the speculator market.

Secondly -
Its drawn by Liefield. - Rob is to comic art; what Mannerism is to late Renaissance art. His heroes are figures with abnormally elongated limbs often in torturous-looking poses. Grotty.

This is a delightful article that dares to compare it to Hulk 181 and Amazing Spider-man 129. It holds water for all of about 3 seconds. I agree wholeheartedly with the authors conclusion. 

I've had the good fortune to run up on two of these books. One was found by answering a craigslist ad. The guy had this book and a Spider-man 300. I think I paid 5 bucks for the pair. The second book was picked up at a local yard sale. I bought it along with a New Mutants 87 for 2 bucks. All of this within the past 5 yrs. This book is available and it IS out there..

I sold my lesser copy for $80 bucks just a couple of weeks ago. I wanted some walking around money for the HeroesCon floor.

The moral of the story is: "Smoke'em if you got 'em" The price for this book is bound to fall. Its artificially inflated.  If you have extra copies, now is the time to cash out, cuz it wont last. But just in case... keep a copy for yourself.

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