Monday, June 10, 2013

Bucket book

I could go into a long spiel about how things have been a bit of a challenge lately for me on a personal level. No need to. We all have stuff to deal with...

All you really need to take way from that is that it was time to treat myself.
I scoured the Charlotte Convention Center looking for either a Journey Into Mystery 83 or Incredible Hulk 1.

No dice on the Hulk - There was not an ungraded copy on the convention center floor on Saturday. It simply didn't exist. I'm not in the position to pay a used car price for something that I cannot drive. I have to dumpster dive for an affordable value. I have to go on the low-end. Something with enough flaws to get it into my window of affordability. Torn back cover, UK copy, a couple of loose pages - whatever it takes. Gotta be cheap.

However - I scored on the Journey Into Mystery 83.

Made the 1st pass and acquired the target... walked around to see if there was a better deal on another book. Then came back and took a hard look at it.. talked price with the seller. Walked around and thought it over. I had one nagging doubt. In addition to its numerous flaws the cropping on the right edge made me think it was trimmed. Had to compare it to some other books and make sure it was the right size and unaltered. It checked out to my satisfaction. I told the guy this would be my last stop before I left the Con that day.... and walked away.

As I was walking away - I took a few paces and I wondered "Why in the Hell AM I walking away?"
I found the right book, at the right price. It was there, I was there - whats the freaking problem?

So I went back and bought it. Attacked it like a shark... Bump, bump BITE!
Maybe I'll get it restored later.

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