Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I must be cheap....

Its been a while since I have updated this space.

Truth to tell - there isnt much to update. Its been a while since I have added anything substantial and meaningful to the personal archive. Its been slim pickings at the moment.

I was able to find a decent All Star Western #10 (1st Appearance of Johna Hex) and a Volumes I, II & III of the hardbound Absolute Sandman. So that was nice.

However, in general - I'm downright discouraged about continuing to collect.

Prospects are low.
I cant find any decent, affordable material. I've come to grips with getting books in MUCH lower grade than I would normally accept and entertaining the notion of getting them restored to their former glory.

Case in point - I was watching an auction for Tales to Astonish 27 - Great cover. Had some brittle, loose pages in the interior. It went for over OVER $1200 bucks..

There was yet another auction for an Incredible Hulk 1. It was whole and intact but there was no color on the cover. It had some type of water/humidity damage that would require extensive work to press and re-rolor the cover. Still went for close to $900 dollars.
That is just freaking absurd!

Who the heck is buying these things? Are they leaving the country? What gives?
Arent we supposed to be in a recession? With the boomers getting older, I had hoped to run up on a collection at an estate sale or some such but that apparently is not in the cards either. I continue to pray for for that miracle yard sale or divorce fire sale.

Its time for that warehouse find of Keys to come out and price correct the market.
Things are way too high for the average individual to afford.

Is there a collectables mutual Fund? Its getting so that the ONLY way I'll ever own one of these keys it to purchase a "portion" of it thru some type of grouped mutual fund entity that invests in collectables and pays out on their resale.

I've seemingly hit the wall were the comics I want to add to my collection has eclipsed my ability to afford them.

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