Thursday, December 15, 2011

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix... What am I going to do with you?

Let me confess something right here and now... I'm a Netflix addict. I stream when I work out... just about anytime I can, I DO. I love catching up on stuff I missed the 1st time around. Farscape, Firefly, Breaking Bad... TONS of stuff. Netflix has allowed me to be well-viewed.

I find it especially enticing when noise about Firefly being resurrected is mainstream here and here. (Great little show! Cant recommend it more highly.)

But Netflix pissed off a lot of people by jacking their rates for DVD's and streaming. (I do streaming only so I was unaffected but that fiasco.) But I did watch it unfold with a curious eye. Folks cried foul, Netflix launched a spin-off venture, only to fold it less than a month later. Content providers are letting Netflix deals expire and they have their delusions cast on launching their own streaming ventures/deals, envious of Netflix recent success.

The drive to produce their own content is a big gamble but one worth taking to retain viewers. If the stuff is GOOD they will gain viewers. But,to me this is like the cherry and whipped creme on the sundae. These are the last bits you add AFTER you build a tasty treat.

Really, the end-game for Netflix is this:
They need to reach deals with the NFL Network, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and ESPN and carry streaming sports LIVE. They need to do this TODAY. 2 min delay, let those networks/groups show their nationally sold ads via the stream, give them a % per view, whatever it takes to get them on the bus. If this were in place I would cut my cable TO-Fucking-DAY.

Then what are all of those content providers (STARS, HBO, Showtime) who fancy their own distribution channel gonna do? They will practically be paying Netflix to give them bandwidth, begging to stay relevant.

I'm old school. Al Gore says he built the internet... we unless he posted the 1st dirty picture, he didn't give it the right fertilizer to grow. Porn built the internet. Nerds wanting to look at hi-res boobies made dial-up modems obsolete. (Smile if you know I'm right!)

Game set and match to Netflix.
IF they can pull off the double play of live streaming Sports AND Adult content. They would practically be a content distribution monopoly. And Stock-type people love to print money with a monopoly. Netflix previous missteps will be forgiven and forgotten.

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