Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love finding deals.

There are several comic vendors that I enjoy doing business with and have referenced them from time to time in different blog posts.

This is a little different. I check this site a couple of times a week. I have found some outrageous deals on some surprising stuff. This site has led to some terrific finds. If you stop and think about it, who else has a never ending supply of stuff? It makes perfect sense for them to have their own ebay knockoff auction site.

I found a Lego Death Star here at a price I could live with. I found a "Paul is Dead" Beatles magazine from 1966. I found a few Star Wars 12' inch figures that I used to have as a kid and repurchased dirt cheap. I was able to score a Luke Skywalker in near perfect shape with all of his accessories. A C-3PO, a Stormtrooper and a Darth Vader.

I was able to find a few pottery things my wife had been looking for.

But I cant figure comics out on this site...
The strangest stuff sells. What I would consider complete and utter garbage goes for more than it should. The quality stuff that does come in and that should go for a lot does, but truthfully, I think you could find the same stuff at the the same price at a comic shop or convention for about the same costs... perhaps even a little less.

My guess is folks here really don't know comics all that well. A "Nam", "GI-Joe" or Transformer type title will command some cash. I once noticed an early Star wars set 1-4 (with the 35 cent covers, yup REPRINTS) go for close to a bill. 

If its a 12 or 15 cent cover price book then its going for close to guide value just on principle not taking into account grading type defects. I have seen an absolutely hammered FF #1 pass thru, handfuls of ASM 300 that appear decent enuff and almost priced low enough to tempt me but having 2 copies already, I leave that to someone else's delight. I have seen a a few golden age books come thru as well ... A very nice looking copy of Marvel Comics but it went for more than I wanted to spend.

The BEST deal on comics I have gotten from this site was a lot of New Teen Titans. It had a DC presents #26, 2 copies of #1, a copy of #2 (Terminator 1st app.) and #4 (always a hard one for me to find).

I wish you luck making sense of this.

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