Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making a deal

So I had been e-baying and craigslist-ing some things I was tripping over and I found a local guy that wanted my Star wars action figures. These were "special" figures" the Showtime Exclusives". He and I developed a nice game of email and phone tag. I figured I'd check out what he had for trade... Nada, squat, zippo (and I dont mean the lighters) that tripped my trigger.

However he did have some nice Frankenstein Monster comics that I bought from him out right. Got a 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 for fairly cheap so I picked those up.

Then I found a couple of Star Wars and toy forums and posted there. And I got a nibble or 2 on them. One fellow in Quebec almost pulled the trigger on the deal but in the end he lost his nerve. He was worried he wouldn't be able to get his $ back after he kept the figures he most wanted out of the lot.

So heres the scoop..
  A) - I wanna know what you know about these figures. 
        Rarity and pricing, ancillary background stuff.
  B) - Would you like to buy or swap silver age comics for these figures

Please let me know.

Here is what I DO know about them...
Provenance (Thank you, Antiques Roadshow!)
All of the figures listed and pictured below are the "Showtime Exclusive" with the orange sticker. They are unopened blister packs. These were given to me by my brother. He worked for Dish Network and they did a promo with Showtime for the premiere of the newly remastered releases (mid-late 90's) and they sent him him a bunch of swag and he saved them for me, cuz he knows I'm a nerd at heart. Hes a good brother.
The pricing info I have been told is seemingly somewhat dated - but the avg figure goes for 20-50 bucks with the Vade and Fett going for 100-150 bucks.

OK enough talk, what figures do you actually have?
Here are the characters and the #'s off the cards that have the Showtime Exclusive sticker.

All are On Green Cards with Hologram Character images.

Collection 1
Luke Skywalker as Stormtrooper Asst No.69570 No. 69819
Princess Leia as Jabba's prisoner (Slave Girl) Asst No.69570 No. 69683
Leia in Boushh Disguise Asst No.69705 No. 69818
Han Solo in Endor Gear Asst No.69570 No. 69621
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (noted as "Ages 4 & up") Asst No.69570 No. 69816
Bespin Han Solo Asst No.69570 No. 69719
Princess Leia Organa Asst No.69570 No. 69579
Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (noted as "Ages 4 & up") Asst No.69570 No. 69576
Han Solo in Carbonite Asst No.69570 No. 69817
Luke Skywalker in Cermonial Outfit Asst No.69570 No. 69691
Han Solo Asst No.69570 No. 69577
Chewbacca Asst No.69570 No. 69578

Collection 2

Collection 3
Sandtrooper Asst No.69570 No. 69808
Boba Fett Asst No.69705 No. 69804
Darth Vader (noted as "Ages 4 & up") Asst No.69705 No. 69802
(2)Snowtrooper Asst No.69705 No. 69632
Emperor Palpatine Asst No.69705 No. 69811
Grand Moff Tarkin Asst No.69705 No. 69702
Emperors Royal Guard (noted as "Ages 4 & up") Asst No.69705 No. 69717
Stormtrooper Asst No.69705 No. 69803
Ponda Baba Asst No.69705 No. 69708
Garindan (long Snoot) Asst No.69705 No. 69706

I am looking for someone who can tell me what these are worth, and entertaining offers for the ENTIRE LOT of 23 figures.
No cherry picking.









  1. Do you still have these figures?

  2. That's an impressive lot of figures. You don't normally see that many in a group. Most of them have been sold off in small numbers. Can I email you somehow?

  3. Yes I do still have them.
    The entire lot is intact. I have not broken them up. Post your email and I'll drop you a line..