Saturday, September 3, 2011

Advertising in comics

It saddens me to think that Comics may be dying as an artform. I'm afraid that unless something changes they will go the way of the Beta-max and rotary phone.

I used to think that comics could be saved with better more focused advertising. It alwasy galled me that an automotive or bridal magazine cram packed STUFFED with ads to the point where there were 3 and 4 hundred pages... for 4 bucks. A comic is about the same price and you are lucky if you get 30 pages.

I found that annoying and thought that comic publishers were out of touch with their advertisers. That still may be true, but the future does not live here. 

naively thought that "saving" comics would be found in modifying this dynamic. I thought cross promotions with other products that tapping into the comic buyers demographic would pay dividends. Premium issues, chase covers all that jazz to spur new interest by reaching folks outside of the box.

Engage in promotions - buy/test drive a car, get comic. Eat 4 cerals send in a 4 upc's and get a comic. That kind of thing....

None of that now matters.
Digital comics are that MUCH of a game changer. I realize that nowI posted on this a while back. 

Now for me, Digital comics has none of the appeal rooted in an ACTUAL comic in the physical world. I stare at a computer all day and LIKE to hold paper. I miss the smell of newsprint. I like playing with bags and boards. How can I sell or trade a pdf (or whatever format) of a comic?

I don't know what the hell to do with a digital comic once its read.
This is sad. BUT it beats comics disappearing!!

It doesn't seem long before the 32 page serial magazines are replaced by digital entirely and then the more superior examples the digital output find their way to a Trade Paper Back. 

I'm for comics sticking around... This seems to be the next phase just as shifting away from spinner racks and newsstands once happened.

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